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M&A technology projects are impossible to deliver without a highly engaged team. The Engage Package is for Programme and Project Managers who are responsible for M&A technology projects. We ensure that the right information has been collected and assessed, and then draw up an action plan to provide high engagement from your technology teams.


We offer an impartial, third-party report based on a standardised company assessment including observations on issues that may impact the project.


Through one-to-one interviews or by using our software, we find out who your key players are and identify those staff members who may need encouragement - we aim to understand their technical skills.


We identify members of your technology staff who may benefit from coaching to help them see the incredible benefits of such a high-profile project.


The creation of small, recommended goals ensures your technology staff learn new skills and feel more confident going into the new organisation.


We assess cross-party communication and IT processes and make recommendations for a more effective delivery.

Beyond Managed M&A - Engage


A typical engagement will consist of pre-screening telephone calls, one-to-one meetings and time offsite to develop assessment reports and an action plan.


Engage assessments include a maximum of three days onsite for meetings and interviews. We work towards delivery of the action plan within 5 days after all agreed information has been collected. This timeline is dependent on staff availability, openness and co-operation.

For Engage to be successful, we require the following from you:

  1. Any background media relating to the deal/acquisition and clear understanding and agreement of the strategic fit. We must understand what benefits are underpinning this deal so we can assess how well versed your technology staff are.
  2. A single point of contact – to arrange pre-screening calls, meetings and communication.
  3. A contact within your human resources team
  4. The completion of pre-screening calls prior to onsite visits. Attending initial calls provides an insight into the responsiveness of the team and saves substantial time onsite.
  5. The completion of our pre-visit questionnaire. We host a SAAS platform to collect all information and use this to produce the resulting assessment report.
  6. The confirmed attendance of stakeholders for the action-plan review. This can be performed onsite, in-person or online. For best results, we highly recommend an in-person review.

Our Engage Package comes at a fixed cost of £6,000 +VAT

(excluding travel and accommodation costs)
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