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The Examine Package is for customers responsible for an M&A project. This package provides a structured approach to IT due-diligence, assessing the IT function as a whole, not just technology. We enable you to be completely confident that you have all the information required to successfully deliver your project. From assets to contracts - we make sure you have the best possible launchpad.


We assess your IT function using a standardised set of over 130 questions, sent out via software to one or more of your employees. Using this information, you can see where the team is aligned.


It is critical to understand if your computing environment matches the resources and staff that currently operate it and if your software estate is fully licensed. Therefore, not only is a full inventory of software and hardware essential, it also gives us an indication of any risks and helps us understand growth and capacity requirements.

Service Catalog

The structure created through an agreed Service Catalogue helps to drive transformational change. A catalogue allows your entire team to understand what services need to be refactored into your new business world and it allows you to manage those changes.

Software Inventory

We assess your server and software inventory compared to the size of your business and industry. Software can often be installed incorrectly leading to expensive re-licensing during the transformation project.

Support Contracts

Your target company technology support contracts will need reviewing to assess their value for money and to understand if any services are currently operating at risk. This information is essential to fully understanding SLAs and costs, to gain a holistic view of your environment and the expectations of your business community.


We undertake an independent and impartial report of finances based on information gathered from your technology and finance teams with the intention of signalling any hidden costs that may be significant in Day Two operations.

Beyond Managed M&A - Examine

For Examine to be successful, we require the following from you:

  1. A single point of contact
  2. Upper management support
  3. The creation and acceptance of project guidelines to ensure communication is prompt
  4. An escalation channel
  5. Identification of who will complete the Benchmark Q&A and an agreed completion date
  6. Access to technical staff and inventory information. If information is incomplete we would need to discuss implementation of LENS (Gold Package)
  7. Access to finance information
  8. Dedicated time with technology procurement
  9. Dedicated time with a finance team contact

We will provide consultancy services at your premises to help deliver each of the above.

Our Examine Package comes at a fixed cost of £12,500 +VAT

(excluding travel and accommodation costs)
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