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5 reasons weekly team meetings aren’t a waste of time

Having the opportunity to brainstorm, hear different opinions and collectively come up with new ideas is why weekly meetings are key to team performance.

We all know how busy our work lives can be and yet there’s still only 5 working days in a week. Therefore, pulling your head out of your daily work routine for an hour on a Monday seems bonkers. But stop to consider that one, two or perhaps five of your weekly tasks could be scrapped or automated at the hand of gathering with your team once a week. So, here are five reasons that will change your view on weekly team meetings:

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Clarify team goals and direction –

Have you ever felt like you’re working all day with no idea of where the company will be in the next month? Or year? Meeting with your team will give your boss the chance to update, inform and align you and the rest of the team to one clear goal.

Share information –

Emailing has become every office’s main form of communication (even when the recipient is sat beside you!). Having a weekly meeting gives everyone a chance to hear others and be heard which leads to new ideas and new ways of thinking – after all, multiple heads will always be better than one.

Build relationships –

You spend a large chunk of your week around your colleagues, this is a great opportunity to learn about them. What are they worried about? What have they achieved? What are their plans for the week ahead? How can you support each other?

Monitor actions –

Have you ever found that actions are taken and people promise that they will do a piece of work or send you this or that but it doesn’t happen? A weekly meeting gives you the chance to sit around a table with your colleagues and discuss open actions. When you are made accountable for a piece of work you are more likely to complete it. No one wants to be the person in a meeting that hasn’t ticked off their ‘to do’ for the week.

Step away from your day-to-day –

Getting bogged down in repetitive tasks that haven’t been reviewed for their importance is a waste of time! Talk with your colleagues and get rid of pointless tasks from your week and make new space for productive ones.

Having the opportunity to brainstorm, hear different opinions and collectively come up with new ideas is the reason why weekly meetings are key to team and organisational performance.

TOP TIP: The show must always go on, whether you have a full tribe or not -meet anyway!


By Claire Sanders, Business Analyst


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