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Cortana at Work.

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Love her or hate her – Cortana is here to stay.   Up till now Cortana has really been for the home consumer with little benefit for the business. Microsoft have announced that she will be packed with lots of new features which will help you become more efficient in the workplace.

The latest release has some exciting features, such as the ability to scan email messages to see whether you’ve made commitments that you should remember and commit to but have neglected to add to your calendar.   Many of us will find this feature extremely valuable as volumes of emails received daily mean certain items can get forgotten.   

One of the other core features for the business is the Outlook Calendar.   We cannot live without it.  Up to now, Cortana has been able to read your calendar to give you simplistic reminders, however the new features take things a step further.   Cortanas AI has been improved to be able to learn your specific way of working.   Do you prefer your meetings in the morning or afternoon?   What if someone books a meeting when you’re normally traveling to work?   Cortana will now be able to intelligently alert you and provide options to adjust. She can also adjust your alarms and routines in case you receive an unexpected urgent appointment that simply cannot be missed.

Take a look at this video for an overview of the new features.


This is just the start for Cortana – we imagine she will become a truly effective asset for the business consumer.

Thanks for reading.

The Beyond Team.



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