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Identify Cost and Reduce Risk during a Windows Migration

Model Mapping is a management tool for windows migration focusing on cost savings and minimising risk.

Reduce risk during a Windows Migration with Model Mapping

This feature of Lens allows you to take a detected model name and specify a friendlier and much more meaningful name and form for hardware and device models. This allows you to classify specific models and allow them to be more recognizable when reviewing your assets in the Health section of Lens. 


Model Mapping also allows you the ability to alter features such as machine type and count of your assets which reduces overall risk for the organisation as you are aware exactly what models and machine types you are running and how many of them there are. 

Identify Cost Savings

The ability to alter the purchase price and maintenance price becomes extremely relevant as the machine types and count are tracked. This feature allows for the calculator in the Health portion of Lens to determine power costs for assets run on 8 hour and 24 hour basis.  

Model Mapping provides accessibility and feasibility for technical and less technical members of a project team focused on a windows migration, office 365 and windows server migration project. The ability for continuous updates provides a contingent platform to asses desktops, laptops, servers, printers numbers and their costs later down the line in a project phase.

Want the opportunity to identify possible cost savings across your organisation while simultaneously reducing risk?



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