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Planning your Migration Project Discovery

This post looks into the benefits of a cost efficient and effective Dashboard Overview of your enterprise before embarking on a migration project.

Assess IT Assets before, during and after a Windows Migration

We wanted to provide a quick and cost effective way to keep track of IT assets and present them in a meaningful way. 

The ability to provide deep knowledge of the IT environment allows : 

  • Programme Managers to understand the status of a migration project 

  • Technical staff to see what exactly is running on their IT estate 

  • Professional Services teams to understand a client’s IT environment better 

We aim to produce a single product that provides a single simplified view across your whole IT estate. 

The Dashboard screen provides a simplified view across your IT environment. This allows you to understand what is actively being utilised in real time and helps determine how large an enterprise environment is, this is especially useful in terms of migration project scheduling and determining gaps.    

dashboard_overviewTools to Discover: 

The graphs allows for a quick visualisation to determine how much is left to be discovered in the appropriate category.  

  • User Discovery looks at specific department numbers including users found, department and non department users as well as the total department and total locations. User also looks at the e-mail accounts and discovers accurate counts of outlook profiles, e-mail accounts, shared mail boxes, total PSTs and their sizes are discovered as well.   
  • Desktop Discovery categories the discovery of both hardware and software. The hardware discoveries include number of PC’s and network printers found as well as desktops by department and hot desks. PCs that need upgrading soon and urgently are also displayed. Software discoveries include all software applications, tracked, ignored and online applications. Operating systems and versions of outlook are also noted.   
  • Server Discovery includes the roles and the stats. The roles focus on the number of physical and virtual servers as well as the 2003, Exchange, SQL and AD servers. Stats keep track of independent servers, printers found, tracked applications and running services.   
  • Cloud discovery focuses on Office 365 and Azure. Office 365 looks at the users, licenses and tracks number of users who have not logged in within the last 30 days. The Azure category counts the number of virtual machines, SQL Database and websites being used.   

Efficient High Level Views for a Windows Migration

Although there is a lot of information to be displayed, the dashboard format provides a very efficient view for administrators, or Programme Managers. For a deeper dive into any of the core categories, a click through link leads you to a new section of the software to further investigate that specific category.  

For example, by clicking on ‘Users found’ you are immediately redirected to a User Search and Overview page which allows you to view different profiles of users within the organisation and their relevant enterprise information. Another example of a deeper dive opportunity is clicking on PCs found under the Desktop/Hardware category where you are then redirected to a machine view of all of the desktops and laptops in the business which then allow you to investigate their domain, computer name, OS, and even more detail if desired.  

In need of an efficient dashboard overview of your enterprise before embarking on a Windows Migration, Office 365 Migration or Windows Server Migration Project?


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