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Windows 10 Encompasses ‘Smart Home’ Potential

A look into AllJoyn and Windows 10 paving the way for the future trends of technology.

Window 10: AllJoyn paves the way for future tech trends. 

Many predicted the rise of the smart home. What many don’t know is how readily available it was going to be. Windows 10 includes capabilities introduced by AllJoyn, which is arguably one of the most forward thinking features it has to offer. AllJoyn looks towards a future of connecting everything. A universal app to provide ease of use in your home and daily life.  

windows 10 alljoyn

This is a cross industry project with Allseen Alliance which Microsoft joined along with over 80 other organisations in July 2014. The concept of IoT (Internet of Things) is a large network of physical ‘things’ that have been embedded with software/connectivity/etc. in order for them to communicate and transfer data.   

With Cortana in the picture read more about her here, it is realistic to imagine a future where asking your PC, tablet or mobile to carry out tasks is the new norm.  

Endless opportunites for application development… 

The opportunities can go as far as your imagination can stretch. Forgot to turn your heating off when you left the house? Looking to increase home security? Want to ensure all the lights are off before bed? All of these things are very obtainable with this new technology.   

AllJoyn capabilities for Windows 10 will not only lead to the development of new applications for users convenience. It will also however, provide consumers with an opportunity to really change the way they have previously thought about the internet and its true capabilities, especially in day to day lives.  

It will be interesting to see how these new features will intertwine with consumer behaviour of data protection and ethical business practices. Early adopters will not only pave the way but encourage other consumers that forward thinking in technology is inevitable. 

Watch Gavin Gear, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, discuss the future of Windows 10 and AllJoyn devices

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