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Beyond M&A are a Technology Consultancy.

Based in London, UK

We specialise in Merger and Acquisition ("M&A") technology project delivery – known as Post-Merger Integration for highly-acquisitive businesses.

We help businesses grow through the development of internal technology staff and assisting with system integration projects.




  • Be Generous - in particular with time, actively listening to others and helping others learn and develop.
  • We utilise a People First approach to all Post-Merger Integration project deliver and use this value throughout our M&A methodology, professional services, published book and M&A software.
  • Limitless Education is at our core - to help people secure their futures in a rapidly changing world. Many technology employees who have been in the industry for decades and have not updated their core soft and tech skills for years. All of which becomes apparent and a risk at the time of M&A activity.
  • The team must Get Stuff Done – be pragmatic, reduce bureaucracy – especially meetings, deliver good solid output.
  • Create and maintain a company culture so the team Love Mondays.

Our Team

Hutton Henry

Managing Director

0800 622 6719

Hutton's first experience with M&A IT was whilst working for Ford when they acquired Jaguar in the UK. Soon after he worked on a major IT global transformation - the result of HP acquiring Compaq. Both projects highlighted the challenge of integrating systems while at the same time collaborating with IT staff who are adjusting to major changes and have more challenges ahead of them. Recently, Hutton has helped customers deliver M&A IT projects in Retail, Construction and the Financial Services industries.

Dave Refault

Operations Director

0800 622 6719

From helpdesk to senior infrastructure management within aviation, finance and retail corporations, Dave has over 20 years’ experience of working in IT. He continually looks for ways to improve service and technologies with the aim of benefiting business consumers. He believes IT should be straightforward, easy to understand and affordable.

Anna Magnusson

People Operations Consultant

0800 622 6719

Anna’s previous experience as a retail manager taught her about the importance of customer service and employee engagement, she is now responsible for developing our “people first” aspect of the business. She is a certified Kolbe consultant and help assess team's natural ways of problem-solving and intrinsic behaviour. Anna is also working on communicating Beyond’s culture across the business.

Claire Sanders

Operations Manager

0800 622 6719

Claire started her career as Junior Executive for a Technology company, responsible for sales analytics, account management and reporting. Following studying at Kingston Business School, Claire joins Beyond M&A as our Operations Manager and will also oversee our marketing efforts.

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