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Transforming businesses to create the future workplace is our goal.

We’re here to create passion-driven teams who don’t suffer from the Sunday-night blues!

Rather than disrupt teamwork with technology we focus on people’s passions and strengths to nurture and sustain happier teams.

We strongly believe in discovering the innate and underutilised power of teams to help businesses make the best of their existing investment in people.

Driven by limitless learning, generosity and pragmatism – we build environments and teams where people Love Mondays.



  • Be Generous - in particular with time, actively listening to others and helping others learn and develop.
  • We utilise a People First approach to all Post-Merger Integration project deliver and use this value throughout our M&A methodology, professional services, published book and M&A software.
  • Limitless Education is at our core - to help people secure their futures in a rapidly changing world. Many technology employees who have been in the industry for decades and have not updated their core soft and tech skills for years. All of which becomes apparent and a risk at the time of M&A activity.
  • The team must Get Stuff Done – be pragmatic, reduce bureaucracy – especially meetings, deliver good solid output.
  • Create and maintain a company culture so the team Love Mondays.

If you would like to talk about Beyond Team, Tech or PMI services, then feel free to get in touch.