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What we want for you


What we want for you

If you’re like most of our clients, you’re a high-achiever. You’re ambitious and determined, and approach every investment opportunity with a healthy mix of pragmatism and intuition. It’s an approach that has served you well.

But, you’re also cautious. You’re not out to take unnecessary risks. You want to make smart, well-informed decisions based on accurate, highly-relevant data and evaluations.

You want to understand everything about the companies you’re looking to invest in, so you can invest with confidence.

We want that for you too.

But, due diligence can cost the Earth, right?

Yes, it can! You can pay six-figures to get your tech due diligence done, but
we believe you shouldn’t have to. Our comprehensive packages start at £10K.

Your due diligence shouldn't be left to a junior, with a checklist. We're a team of hands-on techies with decades of experience designing and delivering technology for global organisations in various industries.
You shouldn't need to be a tech geek to understand your reports. Our assessments and evaluations are detailed but easily comprehendible. We speak plain, everyday language.
Your due diligence should be done quickly and efficiently, with no compromise on quality. We offer fast, highly-tailored services, so you can enter every deal with a clear strategy, vision & road map.
Our contracts include a definitive scope of work and are outside IR35.

We understand what success looks like for you.

Our clients work with us because they want a comprehensive understanding of the tech, people and processes behind the businesses they’re looking to acquire. They want to know the risks and limitations, as well as the opportunities and untapped potential for growth.

We help you gain the crucial understanding you need to minimise risk, prepare for the unexpected and invest with confidence.


We’ve successfully assisted
over 100 M&A integrations

Let us help you create & implement a clear, strategic plan for a prosperous future through comprehensive technology due diligence and post-deal advisory services.

Hutton Henry


Hutton Henry | Beyond M&A Due Diligence Member Working with PE-backed and PE firms since 2015, Hutton helps technology leaders uncover and articulate their value creation plans clearly to investors. …

Alex Lea

Alex Lea

CTO/CPO (Associate Partner)

Alex Lea - High-growth CTO And Digital Product Deader High-growth CTO and digital product leader with over 20 years of experience Advisor and non-exec helping startups and SMEs to avoid…

Rod Alderton

Rod Alderton

CIO (Associate Partner)

Rod Alderton - Senior IT And Digital Transformation Lead FTSE 250 CIO, Senior IT and digital transformation lead. A collaborative and generous leader who is keen to assist and coach…

Shivi Maheshwari

Chief of Staff

Shivi Maheshwari - Chief of Staff Working across Operations, HR, Project Management, Talent Acquisition, and Workforce Staffing & Planning, ex-Amazon.

Ajmal Khan

Ajmal Khan

Lead Software Developer

Ajmal Khan - Cross-Platform Applications, Backend Architecture And DevOps Specialist Cross-platform applications, backend architecture and DevOps specialist with a Cyber-Security background from IBM.  Heads up the LENS software development team.

Ezer Mascarenhas

Ezer Mascarenhas

Brand, UI/UX

Ezer Mascarenhas - Brand & Product Designer for LENS Brand & Product Designer for LENS with 22+ years in Strategic Marketing Communications for global brands like IKEA, Audi, Sony &…

Balraj Sura

Balraj Sura

Digital Recruitment

Balraj Sura - Recruiter Providing Technology Staff Globally. Recruiter providing technology staff globally. 20+ years experience. As a business partner, Bal sources specialist technology experts to support technology due diligence…

Simon Ratcliffe

Partner, Strategy & Transformation.

Simon Ratcliffe - Partner, Strategy & Transformation Simon Ratcliffe combines his background in psychology and accounting with a passion for technology innovation and cultural change.

Anirvan Sen

Anirvan Sen

M&A Advisor

Anirvan Sen- Independent Consultant And M&A Lecturer Extensive global M&A experience developed within General Electric.  Now an independent consultant and M&A lecturer. Creates M&A courses and workshops for customers.

Tony Mills

Programme & Project Manager

Tony Mills - Programme and Project Manger Experienced Program Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology industry. Skilled in Business Process, Service Delivery, Enterprise Software,…

Our areas of expertise

Strategy & Roadmaps

Technology Infrastructure

Cloud Computing

End User Computing

Interfacing with Sales & Marketing

Technology Budget & Financial Reviews

Customer Service

SAAS Product Development

Planning & Project Reviews

Cyber Security

Exit Readiness

Development Lifecycle


Team Assessment & Coaching

Software Code Reviews

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Five questions EVERY investor should ask about technology

Grab our FREE must-have guide and discover the five questions you need to ask about the technology in your target pre-deal!

    Dan Justin, CTO Fluid Business Solutions

    “Beyond & Hutton Henry were hugely influential in helping Fluid get funding. Highly recommend anyone looking to review their own tech investment or prepping for investment rounds.”


    Fiona Gleeson Head of M&A, ICS Group feedback.

    “I found the Beyond team a pleasure to work with, incredibly committed to providing us with the best information. They worked around the clock and knew the project thoroughly. They gave me great confidence that they knew the subject matter and felt like they were part of our internal team. They did a great job.”


    Fiona Gleeson, Head of M&A

    ICS Group

    Barry Angell CEO, Juriba feedback

    “Beyond has been a brilliant partner to work with from start to finish. We engaged them to help with a number of strategic initiatives, and we have made huge strides forward with a number of critical company objectives. Their skills, understanding and output have been excellent and I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to drive their business forward.”


    Barry Angell, CEO

    James MacLeay, Senior Investment Manager Testimonial

    “Beyond M&A ensured the right expertise was in place to deliver a Tech DD report that was easy to understand and help inform our investment committee process.  Useful for 100-day planning with commercial recommendations.”


    James MacLeay, Senior Investment Manager


    Thomas Nicholls CFO, Renaissance Capital Partners Testimonial

    “Hutton and his team strike a good balance between technical and commercial skills. Their backgrounds are complementary to providing technical due diligence on an investment or acquisition target. They clearly have a strong technical understanding and are able to ask the ‘right’ questions. The output is an easy to read, concise report with no jargon.”


    Thomas Nicholls, CFO

    Renaissance Capital Partners

    “Beyond is a partner and an ally to our business.”


    Julia Bell, CTO

    Juriba (BGF Portfolio)

    “Beyond M&A has played a significant role in the growth and development of our teams. They have been instrumental in helping our organisation establish a connected and innovative culture by providing us with practical tools around centred communication and productivity. Their input has been invaluable and instrumental in our success as an organisation”


    Ben Jacobs, Former On-boarding and Engineering Manager

    Analytics Fire

    “Beyond enabled our Teams to understand their differing MO’s and how their collaborative interactions needed to be tailored to the recipient’s Kolbe in order to maximise collaboration and productive output”


    Doug Muirhead, Regional Partner

    Succession Wealth

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