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LENS Takes Centre Stage: Now Featured on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Breaking News: LENS on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

It’s an exhilarating time for us in the M&A landscape. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil that LENS, our dedicated M&A Deal Collaboration platform, has been published on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

The Significance of Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Being listed on Microsoft Azure Marketplace is the melding of minds and the outcome of our start-up team working with a global tech leader. It’s a nod from Microsoft, who supports us in bringing innovation to M&A. For businesses globally, Azure Marketplace is the trusted arena for industry-specific apps that complement Microsoft’s expansive cloud services. Our presence there ensures that LENS is now within arm’s reach of M&A professionals everywhere.

Global Reach

As the Managing Partner of a UK-based Technology Due Diligence firm, I know that ‘picking a good market’ is key to success. But how do you reach your potential customers in this market?

Being part of the Azure Marketplace helps communicate to a large global market, and It also confirms our platform’s reliability, adaptability, and commitment to elevating the M&A process.

The Road Ahead for LENS

This milestone is just one step in our ongoing journey. With our platform now built and distributed within Microsoft’s vast cloud capabilities, we’re on track to further enhance LENS. The next product release phase will be October 2023 when we release diligence tooling; following that is the last major component towards the end of the year. (I have been in software long enough not to provide exact dates).

Stay tuned for new features and innovations to make M&A deal collaboration even more seamless.

Your Invitation to Explore

If you’re yet to experience LENS, I invite you to explore it on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and see how it can support M&A investment and buyouts. The platform provides a data room, diligence tools and more to come.

Here’s to forging new paths in the world of M&A!

Picture of Hutton Henry
Hutton Henry
Hutton has worked with Private Equity Portfolio firms and Private Equity funds since 2015. Having previously worked in post-merger integration for large firms such as Ford and HP, Hutton understands the value of finding issues prior to M&A deals. He is currently the founder of Beyond M&A and provides technology due diligence for VC, PE and corporate investors, so they understand their technology risks before entering into a deal.

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