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Unlock Maximum Value: Navigating Integration and Carve-Outs in M&A

M&A Technology Services for Private-Equity Backed and Enterprise Firms.

Drive your Business Growth through M&A Integration

M&A Technology Integration Services for Investors and Corporate Leaders


Technology Due Diligence to identify key value drivers, capture synergies and define a straightforward approach.


Planning and integration services to derive maximum business value.


Design a business culture for innovation to create a platform for continued growth.

Without a strategic
end-to-end integration
plan, businesses risk

  • Spiralling Costs with Unclear Future
  • High Turnover of Key Employees
  • Substantial Loss to Shareholder Value

Prioritise and develop a robust change management approach for your team

By addressing team and culture issues as soon as possible, you will be able to remove the uncertainty that can plague most integrations.

Prioritise and develop a robust change management approach for your team

By addressing team and culture issues as soon as possible, you will be able to remove the uncertainty that can plague most integrations.

Work with us in three simple steps


Strategise and
Define a Clear Plan


Target Assessment
& 100 Day Plan


Deliver Synergies
and Value

Take our FREE Scorecard to find out if your investment is at risk.

Discover the value of technology in your portfolio and target investments to gain more confidence and uncover potentially significant risks that could affect the value of a sale or an acquisition.


Dan Justin, CTO Fluid Business Solutions

“Beyond & Hutton Henry were hugely influential in helping Fluid get funding. Highly recommend anyone looking to review their own tech investment or prepping for investment rounds.”


Fiona Gleeson Head of M&A, ICS Group feedback.

“I found the Beyond team a pleasure to work with, incredibly committed to providing us with the best information. They worked around the clock and knew the project thoroughly. They gave me great confidence that they knew the subject matter and felt like they were part of our internal team. They did a great job.”


Fiona Gleeson, Head of M&A

ICS Group

Barry Angell CEO, Juriba feedback

“Beyond has been a brilliant partner to work with from start to finish. We engaged them to help with a number of strategic initiatives, and we have made huge strides forward with a number of critical company objectives. Their skills, understanding and output have been excellent and I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to drive their business forward.”


Barry Angell, CEO

James MacLeay, Senior Investment Manager Testimonial

“Beyond M&A ensured the right expertise was in place to deliver a Tech DD report that was easy to understand and help inform our investment committee process.  Useful for 100-day planning with commercial recommendations.”


James MacLeay, Senior Investment Manager


Thomas Nicholls CFO, Renaissance Capital Partners Testimonial

“Hutton and his team strike a good balance between technical and commercial skills. Their backgrounds are complementary to providing technical due diligence on an investment or acquisition target. They clearly have a strong technical understanding and are able to ask the ‘right’ questions. The output is an easy to read, concise report with no jargon.”


Thomas Nicholls, CFO

Renaissance Capital Partners

“Beyond is a partner and an ally to our business.”


Julia Bell, CTO

Juriba (BGF Portfolio)

“Beyond M&A has played a significant role in the growth and development of our teams. They have been instrumental in helping our organisation establish a connected and innovative culture by providing us with practical tools around centred communication and productivity. Their input has been invaluable and instrumental in our success as an organisation”


Ben Jacobs, Former On-boarding and Engineering Manager

Analytics Fire

“Beyond enabled our Teams to understand their differing MO’s and how their collaborative interactions needed to be tailored to the recipient’s Kolbe in order to maximise collaboration and productive output”


Doug Muirhead, Regional Partner

Succession Wealth

Five questions EVERY investor should ask about technology

Grab our FREE must-have guide and discover the five questions you need to ask about the technology in your target pre-deal!

    Create profitable synergies
    across companies

    Successful mergers and acquisitions need unity in vision and leadership to ensure that the company cultures can amalgamate well together. There are many examples where excellent partnerships have been created with significant cultural differences, while some have failed even though they appeared to have many cultural similarities.

    Why is this so?

    Unharmonious partnerships are often a result of conflicting interests, incompatible strategies and sometimes different goals. To ensure value from a merger and acquisition will largely depend on how the deal is managed initially and the most successful partnerships occur when companies focus on strategic collaboration in selective areas and have a shared goal and vision.

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