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Action Beats Analysis

Today there is a plethora of technology devices to track your health, usually to determine your activity. There’s wearable watches, rings, clothing etc. which can go into great detail about how many steps, workouts and how often you’re standing. These devices are maturing, now working out inactivity, your sleep quality and helping people to meditate. One description of a device says it all “digitizing your exact movements for immediate feedback and live sharing”.
The devices give you a ton of information, graphs and trends about your wellbeing. And it’s well know that “what gets measured, gets done” to paraphrase.
I understand that having “stats” can be motivating, I use a lot of these devices myself.
Yet, there’s another option – just take action.
Instead of developing routines driven by our habit of data, why not take action instead?

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Uncover the Innovators

We find that even with in a team that has worked together for decades, spending time in this mode of “people discovery” uncovers hidden talents and allows leaders to uncover the innovators in the organisation.

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