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The Post-Merger Integration Challenge

Mergers and Acquisitions are by their very nature complex projects and no one feels this more than the IT teams on both sides of the merger. Here are a few common problems:

Approaching M&A IT as if it were a "standard" project
Motivating actively-disengaged staff
No asset inventory or an out of date one
Too much or too little detail in the project plan
Day Two considerations

The Solution? Managing Your Merger & Acquisition

Eliminate project delivery risks and reduce costs by up to 40%

Beyond Managed M&A Methodology

Coaching staff to help turn fear into opportunity


IT and environment discovery using LENS, our bespoke software


Project Planning and Tech Design using work stream and people-first approach


Testing and Delivery of the Day One Cut Over for IT infrastructure


Managed Service to provide Postimplementation Support and Day Two Remediation

Merger & Acquisition Technology Project Management Software

M&A - like a Boss

Be it an acquisition or carve-out, LENS will discover and assess your underlying IT environment and help manage your IT infrastructure changes.

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